Breaking News: Maybach Coupé from Xenatec

While the Maybach 57 S is an opulent and superior machine, Xenatec’s interpretation of the car – which sees it evolve from a limousine to a coupé – takes exclusivity one step further. Just 100 units will be built, by hand, in Germany, at an ex-works price of 675,000 euros (with tax on top of that).

The designer of the new Xenatec Coupé is Fredrik Burchhardt, creator of the Exelero, a joint Maybach and Fulda Tyre Company project in 2004-2005. His aim with this new Coupé is to offer a technical masterpiece to those ‘who prefer to savour the Maybach experience from the driver’s seat’. Despite the driver-orientated developments, the Xenatec Coupé will still offer the uncompromised comfort and ample space that characterise the Maybach limousine and, while there have been major changes to the car’s bodywork and interior, there are no changes to the drivetrain, which remains identical to that of the 57 S.

Breaking News: Maybach Coupé from Xenatec Breaking News: Maybach Coupé from Xenatec

Every car will be built to individual customer specification, with wide-ranging personalisation options which can even extend to armouring the car. Changes to the 57 S base car include new doors, for easy access to the rear passenger compartment, plus a more steeply raked windscreen and rear screen to give a sportier silhouette – and to allow a lowered roofline without compromising passenger comfort.

Breaking News: Maybach Coupé from Xenatec Breaking News: Maybach Coupé from Xenatec

Meanwhile, the rear track has been increased by 20mm. The Xenatec Coupé’s standard 20-inch wheels aim to give a marvellously supple ride, while optional 21-inch wheels will sharpen handling to ‘sports car levels’ – bringing, says Xenatec, ‘the Maybach experience to the driver’s seat’.

Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: René Staud

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