Brabus Tesla Roadster to Debut at Essen

This week’s Essen Motor Show will see the launch of the first tuned electric car, as Brabus engineers unveil their customisation of the Tesla Roadster.

When Classic Driver’s Jan Baedeker road-tested the innovative Tesla, the world’s first electrically powered production sportscar, earlier this autumn, he took it up to its top speed of 125mph “accompanied solely by the soft hum of the electric motor and the whistling of the wind”. At the time, he commented that he couldn’t remember ever having more fun driving.

But not everyone wants silent performance; hence the Brabus electronics specialists have developed a ‘space sound generator.’ The occupants of the Tesla Roadster can choose from several simulated engine sounds: a typical V8 combustion engine, a race engine, or even a choice of two ‘futuristic soundscapes’ named ‘Beam’ and ‘Warp.’ The volume of the sound varies with the power output of the electric motor.

Brabus Tesla Roadster to Debut at Essen Brabus Tesla Roadster to Debut at Essen

It won’t be to everyone’s taste but then neither will the Tesla Roadster itself.

As you might expect from Brabus, there’s more to the customisation than sound alone. A Brabus tyre/wheel combination aims to improve the handling, while the exterior of the two-seater is given some striking touches, including matt white paint and a lightweight carbonfibre front lip with daytime running lights set into the grille.

The car’s sides are adorned with futuristically shaped Brabus ‘entrance lights’, activated with the keyless fob or by pulling on a door handle. Carbonfibre air inlets add a sporty flair while the rear boasts a Brabus wing and diffuser, again in carbonfibre.

The Brabus customisation programme also includes exclusive interior options, from scuff plates adorned with an illuminated Brabus logo to perforated lightweight leather and Alcantara in the cockpit. Even the floor is upholstered in lightweight leather… a very individual detail for a very individual car.

Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: Brabus

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