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Brabus Maybach at Geneva 2004

Brabus Maybach at Geneva 2004

Brabus has produced an even better version of the Maybach. More luxurious interior materials, an extended entertainment-system and a performance increase of 90bhp giving a new maximum power of 640 HP are the main features of the Brabus Maybach SV 12, which celebrated its premiere at the 2004 Geneva Salon.

The 12-cylinder bi-turbo Maybach motor has had its capacity increased from 5,500cc to 6,300 cc to produce 640 bhp at 5,100/min. The colossal torque of 1,026 Nm/756 lb/ft is available at just 1,750 rpm. Needless to say, the performance figures for the luxury saloon are phenomenal; the SV 12 Maybach 57 accelerates in only 4.9 seconds from 0 - 100 km/h. The maximum speed is electronically limited to 300 km/h.

Brabus Maybach at Geneva 2004

Inside, Brabus have made new, more luxurious seats with the accent on style - fabricated from the finest leather and Alcantara. More than 1.2 kilometres of the best thread are sewn into the leather upholstery of the ‘waffle-stitched’ transmission tunnel. In addition, custom-made lamb-skin over-rugs cover the already opulent carpet.

Brabus Maybach at Geneva 2004 Brabus Maybach at Geneva 2004

As an improvement to the ‘standard’ entertainment-system, Brabus have added extras that transform the car into a luxurious businessman’s office. In the back of the front seats 16:9 screens (the screens of the Brabus have an actual size of 15.2"; the standard Maybach's are 9"), are integrated with an 80 gb PC; developed especially for use in this car. The computer is connected through W-LAN (wireless LAN) with a 4-line GPRS-Router connecting it to the web with the 1.5 times speed of an ISDN Line.

Brabus Maybach at Geneva 2004 Easy operation is guaranteed by a handy radio keyboard and an optical ‘Gyro’ wireless mouse. Several USB 2.0 ports, integrated sympathetically into the centre console, mean external devices like a printer or a digital camera can be easily added or removed. In order to be able to remain on-line while outside the vehicle, there is an IBM X Series notebook in an electrically extendable drawer in the boot. This computer is also connected via wireless-LAN to the PC network in the vehicle. A 6-disk DVD changer powers the in-car entertainment system.

On the outside, large light alloy wheels as well as twin integrated auxiliary headlights in the front apron make the car stand out from its more commonplace Maybach brethren.

Brabus Maybach at Geneva 2004

With full equipment and long wheelbase the Brabus SV 12 costs some 722,000 euro - you do save money on the SWB, it’s 622,000 euro to the same specification.

Text; Jan Richter
Photos: Brabus