Brabus announce 640bhp Mercedes-Benz SV12

Brabus has come up with the world's most powerful version of Mercedes-Benz's SL luxury sports car. The new 640bhp, turbo-charged SV12, electronically limited to 310 km/h, can reach 200km/h in just 13 seconds.

The increase in power is achieved by increasing the capacity of the motor from 5.5 litres to 6.3 litres, the fitting of a more efficient exhaust system and re-mapping the engine management. The car's five-speed automatic transmission is strengthened in order to cope with the enormous torque of 1,026 Nm available from as little as 1,750 rpm. O-100 km/h is despatched in 4.3 seconds, and only the limiter prevents the car comfortable exceeding 200 mph.

The brakes, needless to say, are upgraded to cope with the performance, featuring drilled and ventilated 375 x 36mm discs at the front and 355 x 28mm at the rear. A revised 6-point axle arrangement ensures the prodigious power is transmitted to the road securely.

Text: Jan Richter
Photos: Brabus