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Brabus 550bhp Super CLK hits the road

Brabus have developed a high performance version of Mercedes-Benz’s latest CLK Coupé. Powered by a 550 bhp supercharged V8 the car will accelerate from 0-62mph/100kph in 4.1 seconds and then on to a maximum of 202 mph/325 kph.

Maximum power is reached at 6,400 rpm but the enormous torque figure of 575 lb ft/780 NM of torque available at 3000 rpm ensures the 5 speed automatic gearbox is hardly troubled to produce blistering performance figures. 0 – 125 mph/200 kph, for example, taking only 12.6 seconds.

Of course chassis modifications have been made in keeping with the car’s monstrous power figures. Brabus have equipped the car with special 19” wheels and have also adjusted the suspension through ride height and shock absorber/spring rate improvements. Wheel/tyre size is different front to back, both 19” but using 235/30 ZR tyres on the front of the car and 265/30 ZRs at the rear. Braking is supplied by 6 pot, 375 x 36mm ventilated discs up front and 360 x 28 mm at the back.

Visually the model can be differentiated from regular CLKs by a re-modelled front apron, side skirts, a special louvred hood and a rear apron with cut-outs for the four-pipe special Brabus sports exhaust system.

Text: Classic Driver.
Photos: Brabus