Bonhams at Gstaad 17th December 2005 Historic Ferrari Motor Cars Review

1991 Ferrari F40 LM - Sold for SFR 844,665

At SFR 2,013,821 the 1958 Ferrari 250GT TdF was the top seller at Gstaad, an SFR 8,000,000+ sale that also saw the ex-Albert Uderzo 1991 Ferrari F40 LM, going on-estimate at SFR 844,665.

The LM was the only one of the F40s to find a new owner, the others being strictly road cars, and the price achieved by Bonhams was a good one in a very specialised market. Of the F40’s immediate ancestor, the 288 GTO, the rare one-owner car sold well for SFR 381,729 (est. SFR 370,000 - 430,000) while the ex-Adrian Newey car was sold post-hammer for Eu.264,000 (or roughly SFR 412,273).

With market experts talking about over-ambitious owner’s reserves, and the USA being the favoured arena for big-ticket Ferrari sales, it was a good performance to sell both the 250GT Tdf (to a European collector) as well as the restored 1964 400 Superamerica Aerodinamico for SFR 723,420 (est. SFR 500,000 - 600,000). The latter look fabulous in the catalogue, and would be a nice entry for its new American owner at Pebble, the Cartier Style et Luxe at Goodwood or Villa d’Este. Similarly successful was the 1952 Ferrari 225 Vignale Berlinetta also going across the Atlantic (and in fact all the way to California) for SFR 502,974.

2004 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti - Sold for SFR 227,416

1952 Ferrari 225 Vignale Berlinetta - Sold for SFR 502,974

Right up to date the 2004 612 Scaglietti that had just delivery mileage on the clock and was covered by a manufacturer’s warranty starting in December 2005, sold for SFR 227,416. That’s a figure that includes Swiss taxes and represents a significant discount over new if you compare its US$ equivalent of roughly $177,000 with the Stateside list of $247,850. There’s taxes and shipping of course, but still a discount. And a nice car we like at Classic Driver too.

The GTCs both sold, the earlier 1968 330 achieving SFR 172,305, while the bigger-engined 1969 365 went for SFR 160,818. These are very elegant gentleman’s carriages of the late ‘60s and it’s an interesting point made in the catalogue that just 150 examples of the latter were produced (with 20 GTS convertibles). Much less than a DB5 or DB6, and a more attractive car perhaps? In the eye of the beholder perhaps, but I’d have the Marrone metallizato in the editorial garage any day.

1969 Ferrari 365 GTC - Sold for SFR 160,818

Also sellers were the two 330 GT 2 + 2s, the 1965 Series 1 going for SFR 59,732 while the 1966 Series 2 (SFR 64,327), was an attractive single-headlamp car finished in Bordeaux metallic with beige leather interior. Whoever successfully bid for the 1982 Ferrari 308GTBi, a car from the estate of Didier Pironi at SFR 43,651, was buying into the last era of the romantic Grand Prix drivers who would drive themselves to and from races, often using the journeys to indulge in a little post- or pre-race practice and rivalry with their peers.

A great car for a Ferrari collector.

Of the automobilia, true to pre-auction forecasts the 'Rare and original Ferrari 250GT toolkit originally supplied with a SWB competition berlinetta' ( est. SFR 10.000 - 12.000) sold well at SFR 20,700, and anyone building a 1970s Le Mans car "one piece at a time" could have bought ‘A pair of Ferrari 512M doors’ (est. SFR 1,200 - 1,800) for SFR 1,265.

Auctioneer Simon Kidston sells one of the 246 Dinos

Auctioneer and President of Bonhams (Europe), Simon Kidston summed up the sale thus: "This was the busiest Gstaad sale yet, and has become as much of a social occasion as an auction event. Assembling a quality line-up of Ferraris is increasingly difficult as most owners perceive the market is rising. We were very pleased that we were able to source a selection of cars fresh to the market, and to achieve strong prices across the board for them."

1972 Ferrari 365GTB/4 'Daytona' Daytona Shooting Break - Sold for SFR 337,722

1968 Ferrari 330GTC - Sold for SFR 172,305

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