Vintage Electric produces board track bicycles with a spark

With its E-Tracker, California-based Vintage Electric has produced what we think might be the coolest e-bike we’ve ever seen – and it’s also claimed to be the fastest currently available on the market…

Murderdrome memories

Visually inspired by the board track racers that thundered around the early-1900s ‘Murderdromes’, the handcrafted machines boast some wonderful details. These include a battery box that assumes the appearance of an engine casing, and leather saddles and grips produced by London-based specialist Brooks – the bike also sports modern technological highlights, such as regenerative braking and optional LED lighting.

Beyond the myriad customisation options – which can be specified through Vintage Electric’s online configurator – the company also offers custom paint jobs, such as the military-themed example shown in the gallery. Prices for standard versions start at a quite reasonable $4,995.

Photos/Video: Vintage Electric

For further information, visit the Vintage Electric website.