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Meet Harley-Davidson’s new breed of electric gastro-hog

The electric LiveWire heralds a new era for Harley-Davidson – one that aims to wave bye-bye to its ageing Hells Angel stereotype and welcome a new kind of customer to the legendary but struggling American brand…

The LiveWire is a new kind of ‘hog’. It’s no brash, loud, and ornately styled chopper, but rather an athletic looking sports bike that Harley hopes will put it at the top of the tree when it comes to electric and hybrid motorcycles. Revealed at the recent motorcycle EICMA show in Milan, the LiveWire is pitched at the next generation of motorcycle riders and features a lithium-ion-powered magnetic and stressed electric motor, all-aluminium frame, GPS and Bluetooth connectivity, and huge Brembo brakes. Whether betting its future on the LiveWire is a wise move for Harley-Davidson remains to be seen, the bike’s ‘twist-and-go’ characteristics and zero emissions are bound to appeal to younger green-minded and first-time motorcyclists. Let’s just hope it doesn’t alienate the traditional Harley riders – the Hells Angels are the last people you want to annoy...

Photos: Harley-Davidson

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