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Here come the fun machines of the electric age

Only noisy internal-combustion engines are fun? Far from it reckon the authors of ‘The Current’ from Gestalten Verlag, a book that showcases the most exciting electric vehicles on two, three, and four wheels…

It’s small wonder alternatively powered engines are perceived as free of fun, particularly when big manufacturers advertise their new developments with highly complicated campaigns that don’t emphasise driving pleasure. In reality, there’s no shortage of small and large electric vehicles that are, above all, loads of fun thanks to their lightweight construction and rapid acceleration. After ‘Fast Forward’, Gestalten Verlag from Berlin has now published a new book dedicated to the unusual, experimental, and courageous aspects of electric transport design. Publisher Robert Klanten, motoring editor Maximilian Funk, and their co-author Paul d’Orleans (who we recently visited in California) tell the story of electric mobility from its beginnings in the 19th Century to the present day. Over 205 pages, ‘The Current’ provides an overview of the most significant electric vehicles. 

In addition to current flagship projects from major brands such as the Porsche Taycan, Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, Honda Urban EV Concept, or the BMW Vision Next 100 motorcycle, ‘The Current’ also highlights the creations of small and independent design studios and development offices. There is, for example, the electric dirt bike from the Swedish brand Cake, whose straightforward purism adorns the cover of the book, or the sculptural L-Concept from the Vietnamese motorcycle company Bandit 9. Meanwhile, the US company Bollinger continues the tradition for boxy off-road vehicles, though with electric propulsion. Also interesting is the trend for classic vehicles with electric powertrains such as Jaguar E-type Zero, the Infiniti Prototype 9, Morgan’s three-wheeler EV3, which certainly won’t please the traditionalists, but will no doubt become more prevalent as time progresses and general attitudes and environmental regulations change. If you need convincing of the creativity of the global electric automotive scene, you should probably pick up a copy of this book. 

Photos: Gestalten