The €140,000 Midual Type 1 smacks of luxury

Meet the Midual Type 1 – an ultra-luxurious motorcycle that, rather refreshingly, puts decadent comfort and ergonomics before terrifying headline performance. The age of the luxury motorcycle is long gone; could the Midual Type 1 spark a resurgence of interest?

Based in the historic town of Angers in western France, Midual will build a mere 35 Type 1s, destined for Europe only and priced at a staggering €140,000 each. Making its European debut at Salon Privé this week, it's said to take inspiration from French and British vehicles of the 1930s and 1950s. Suffice to say, there are tactile and intricate details in abundance – that cluster of analogue instruments atop the frame, for example.

Innovative configuration

Where the Type 1 really stands out (and perhaps begins to justify its price tag) is in its innovative configuration and outstanding craftsmanship. The fruit of a two-decade, idea-to-reality process, the Type 1 features a longitudinally mounted 1036cc flat-twin, tilted 25deg forward so as not to lengthen the wheelbase, raise the centre of gravity and disrupt the handling. And then there’s that exquisite cast aluminium frame, hand-shaped over ‘several thousand hours’ at a French aerospace foundry and neatly doubling as the fuel tank.

Personalisation is virtually limitless – as you’d expect with such a high-end luxury vehicle – and, given that just 35 are being produced, it’s fair to assume that no two Midual Type 1s will be truly alike. For example, customers can choose from 45 different types of leather, or decide whether they’d like particular components (including bits of the engine) polished, brushed or even simply left in their sand-cast state. Deliveries won’t commence until 2016, so there’s ample time for you to make up (and change) your mind. 

Photos: © Midual

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