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80 kilometres on a single charge is a cake walk for this e-bike

For the environmentally conscious commuter who lives more than a few blocks from work — and likes to take shortcuts through fields and ditches — the new Kalk off-road e-bike from Cake is the ideal transport option for you…

Have your cake and ride it, too

Named after Kalksten, or limestone, which is the bedrock of the Swedish island of Gotland, the Kalk is the first all-electric, zero-emission off-road motorcycle from new manufacturer Cake. With an aluminium frame and carbon-fibre body, the bike weighs just 150lbs, which assists its 16hp mid-motor, powered by a 51.8 volt 50Ah battery, in reaching a top speed of 80km/h — the distance it can go on a single charge. Production is limited to just 50 units, priced at 14,000 euros each.

Photos: Cake

For more information of the Kalk e-bike, visit Cake’s website. Alternatively, you can find a broad selection of bikes in the Classic Driver Market.