Big Benz

World Premiere: The smartest S–Class of all time

The new S-Class has landed, enjoying a spectacular world premiere at the Airbus headquarters in Hamburg. Remaining faithful to tradition, the new model is brimming with high-tech features. read more >>

Big Benz: Our pick of the S–Class generations

As the marque’s long-standing flagship, the S-Class has always been a productionised test bed, conjuring world-firsts with each generation of the car. Here we choose our favourites from its eminent lineage. read more >>

5 things you didn't know about the Mercedes S–Class

Despite much general coverage in the media, there are still some secrets when it comes to the S-Class, or ‘special class’ Mercedes. For example, were you aware of the unofficial, armoured version of the W108/109? Here are five facts we’ve discovered... read more >>

Mercedes Ladies: Benz appeal

Classic Porsches and Ferraris have that indefinable something: that little bit extra that makes men and women fall head over heels in love with the sensuous curves of a 911, or the masculine cut-and-thrust of a Testarossa. But what about Mercedes? We have searched for the unique erotic appeal of the three-pointed star. read more >>

Upper Class: The S–Class Watches

It takes a certain sort of person to prefer an S-Class Mercedes. We select the watches most appropriate to those for whom only a luxury Mercedes will do. read more >>

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