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Bespoke Art Clock by… Ronnie Wood?

Bespoke Art Clock by… Ronnie Wood?

Yes, that’s Ronnie Wood the musician. Of the Rolling Stones. Because Ronnie is not only a talented guitarist but also an artist, and he will be creating a limited-edition run of 14 individually hand-painted (by Ronnie) clocks, in collaboration with Bremont Watch Company.

The clocks will be based on Bremont’s B1 Marine Clock, but the dial and internal case of each one will depict a different period of Ronnie Wood’s life. Given how colourful his life must have been (members of the Rolling Stones are not famous for their restraint), it will be interesting to see what scenes he comes up with; but don’t expect anything too outrageous. Ronnie is already a critically claimed artist, with subjects ranging from band members and musicians to close family and friends – plus self-portraits.

“I feel there will be a magnificent opportunity through my art to show what has influenced me throughout my life,” says the great man, “which include my water heritage, my well-documented life in music and of course my abiding passion for horses… I have always loved my timepieces and now I have the opportunity to thoroughly indulge myself with Bremont.”

Bespoke Art Clock by… Ronnie Wood?

The clock itself is made in England and has been designed in-house with features that include three time zones, a 30-day power reserve, date, 90-day chronograph and a fully waterproof case. The first Ronnie Wood Art Clock is on show this week at SalonQP at the Saatchi Gallery. See

Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: Bremont