Bentley Skis

Bentley Supersport skis, along with matching poles and a ski bag, have been designed exclusively for Bentley by Zai, the Swiss manufacturer of ski products. They incorporate a composite material called Zaiìra®, which has never before been used for skis.

Zaiìra®, containing carbon fibres, is used in the top layer of the skis. Natural rubber is used in the central part, along with carbon fabric, chrome steel and long carbonfibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites (LFRTP).

Bentley Skis

The ski poles are also fairly radical, using a combination of ‘titan’ and carbon fabric (currently used for golf shafts) to reduce weight and ensure high stability. The ski bag, too, is custom-designed by Zai, known for its unique, patented technologies. It was Zai, for example, which launched ‘Zai Spada’: the world’s first and only skis with a stone core.

Bentley Skis Bentley Skis

Handmade in Switzerland, the Zai for Bentley ski range will be limited to 250 units, with the skis priced at £5900. See

Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: Zai

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