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Bentley Continental GT/LM

The LM is a lightweight version of the Bentley GT with a savings of over 1000lbs. With performance rated on a sliding scale of available power-to-weight, the LM gives the driver a real feeling of a race-bred classis without the expensive up-keep and limited usage. The LM is not a tubular chassis with different components hung on it, it’s rather an enhancement of what Bentley engineers have developed.

Brakes, suspension, and internal engine components are untouched as there is nothing to be done to make it better for the LM performance package. Bentley has also provided one of the strongest unitized chassis in the industry. That is; steering, six-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive delivering unparalleled handling and performance. Changing the whole car to be a rolling laboratory of advance space-age racing products is not the intent at all.

The LM is for the person that enjoys the GT but desires a lot more then the factory gives. Genaddi Design Group, under the direction of Master Coach Builder Mark Gerisch, is able to offer you performance, elegant styling, exotic exclusivity and status that is only matched by highly tuned Porsches, Ferraris and Mercedes.

Only a Bentley GT/LM will do what no other car on the planet can, put 100 years of innovation, craftsmanship and passion at your finger tips.

Cost of LM upgrade US$170,000
Number of limited vehicles produced 50

Carbon Fiber body panels
Steel Roof panel
Front Carbon Fiber air splitter
Rear Carbon Fiber diffuser with rear under tray
Roof Vent
Special Green and silver racing paint

Roll Cage
Fire Suppression system
Carbon Fiber Sparco racing seats with 5-point harness
Shorter Carbon Fiber center consol
Carbon Fiber inner and outer door skins
Lexguard quarter windows with brake and diff. cooling lines
Removed rear seating for shelf
Removal of insulation/carpets and any other product that takes up space and weight
Pressed aluminum floor pans

Borla Stainless Steel Hi-Flow mufflers and 2 ¾ Stainless Steel exhaust tubes
Stainless Steel Exhaust tips
New large Flow turbos
Larger fuel delivery system
Larger air corrector and throttle body
Advanced ECU/ECM electronics
Hi-Flow air cleaner

20X11 BBS lightweight wheels
Pirelli low profile P Zero tyres

For further details contact -
Mark Von Edward Genaddi Gerisch
Genaddi Design Group
+1 920-905-0499

Text/Photos: Genaddi Design Group

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