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The magnificent nine: Exceptional Ferraris from Talacrest

Anyone looking for an iconic Ferrari of the 50s or 60s - or even wanting to acquire an entire collection in one go - would do well to head straight to Talacrest, based in Ascot in the UK, to view nine extraordinary Ferraris on sale there...

Talacrest's stunning Maranello ensemble includes a Ferrari 500 TRC 250 SWB California Spider, 250 GT Lusso, 275 GTB 'Shortnose', 275 GTB Competitizione, and so on. Nit-pickers might complain there's no 250 GTO but do remember that a GTO (judging by recent market activity) could well cost you more than this entire nine-car collection of exceptional Ferraris put together

Photos: Talacrest

You can find Talacrest's full stocklist on Classic Driver.