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Automobile Year 56 2008/09 Reviewed

If any publication can make sense of this extraordinary period for the automotive industry, it’s Automobile Year. From the heights of an $11m classic Ferrari in the spring, to worldwide recession as the leaves fall in autumn: this most indispensable book covers it all.

Concept cars, new production models, racing and rallying, concours and the collectors’ classic car movement are all in the latest Automobile Year (the third published by Christian Philippsen). Written concisely and with authority, by contributors of the calibre of Philippsen himself, Karl Ludvigsen (‘Markets: Analysis’), Prof. Gordon Murray (‘Sustainable Mobility: Concept for a City Car’) and Paul Frère (‘Sustainable Mobility: The Diesel Engine’), the book once again becomes a definitive volume.

As usual, the Formula 1 season is covered in depth, as is long-distance racing and Le Mans in particular – all illustrated with stunning photography in the best tradition of the series. As in previous Philippsen AYs, the top-level classic car world has a generous section, with a review of the best concours around the globe and a good summary of cars sold at auction.

The latter is included in ‘Culture’, the last part of the book that is dedicated to the history and heritage of the automobile. You will also find articles on ‘BMW World and Museum’, as well as that great American tradition, ‘The Bonneville Speed Week’.

If you have all the others, you'd better get your credit card out - and if you don’t have many previous Automobile Years, why not make this the excuse to start collecting? For further information, see the multi-language - but be warned: not only can you order online, but you can also search for out-of-print issues, too. It can become addictive.

Publisher: Christian Philippsen
More than 300 pages, more than 600 photos.
Size: 235 x 310mm - hard cover under dust jacket, 135gsm paper and high-quality printing.
Published in French, English, German. ISBN:2-916206-05-1, EAN: 9782916206059
Suggested retail price £47.00, US$97.00, EURO 69.00, CHF 104.00 + postage

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Text: Steve Wakefield
Photos: Automobile Year 55

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