Auto Union Type C pedal car

Fresh from its success at Le Mans, Audi has announced a small run of 'customer' racing cars. You'll have to be under 1.35 mt tall though, and be interested in Grand Prix rather than long-distance sports car events as these cars are 1/2 scale working miniatures of the 1936 Auto Union Type C, with the 6,006 cc V16 replaced by two pedals and a pair of Mk I legs...

The aluminium 'car' is designed in-house using original drawings and plans from the era of the great 'Silver Arrows'. It is a Limited-edition collector's item with only 999 cars built, and spearheads quattro GmbH's line of lifestyle articles. The model first saw the light of day at last year's Paris Show.

Auto Union Type C pedal car Auto Union Type C pedal car

"We needed a highlight for our collection which conveys the brand message and, at the same time, is spectacular enough to find buyers," says Katharina Wicker, Head of Audi design – Lifestyle Articles. And this was how the idea came about to design a pedal car that mirrors the company's heritage at first sight. The Type C is one of the best-selling heritage models in the range of Audi miniatures and the company expects the pedal car to be 'an exhibition piece for "grown-up" fans too'.

Special tools and jigs were purpose-designed for the pedal car's manufacture in the Audi tool shop, and the pedal car is made up of over 900 individual parts. It features a hydraulic dual-disc brake and its speed is controlled via the seven-speed hub gear with back-pedalling brake function. Further technical highlights include the aluminium space frame and the body made from aluminium panelling, while the seats, framing and steering wheel have been upholstered in leather by a luggage-maker, as in the Audi TT. The spoke wheels have been custom-made, and the steering wheel can be removed to make getting in and out easier, just as on the original.

The price is in the region of EURO 9,700 and prospective purchasers should contact their local Audi dealer.

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Audi

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