Audi A6 allroad – Safety Car for the St Moritz Tobogganing Club

As another successful season on the Cresta Run draws to a close, an essential part of the smooth running of the Club’s operations can stand down: the Audi-sponsored allroad safety vehicle.

The world famous Cresta Run, a temporary ¾-mile ice course that opens just before Christmas and closes at the end of February, is owned and operated by the St Moritz Tobogganing Club. The total drop is 514ft and the gradient varies from 1 in 2.8 to 1 in 8.7, so riders starting from the higher of two starting points, ‘Top’, will average over 50mph and frequently cross the finishing line at almost 80mph.

All of this is achieved head-first, riding a skeleton toboggan and using the rider’s weight for cornering. Braking is by spiked shoes that are used to settle the toboggan’s entry speed into the banked corners.

The safety of riders being paramount, the Club has been delighted to operate an Audi-sponsored allroad quattro during the 2007/2008 season. Finished in silver, with a broad stripe in the SMTC’s traditional maroon and gold colours, the versatile and powerful car has been invaluable as a means of transporting Club officials from point to point along the course, as well as being a high-speed evacuation vehicle for an injured rider.

Seen by the car at season’s end are (from left to right) Club President Julian Board, Vice-President Arnold von Bohlen und Halbach, staunch member - wearing the unmistakeable scarf of his own club ‘Dracula’ - Rolf Sachs, and Rolf’s son Frederic, clad in the high-speed Lycra of the fastest riders.

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Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Jason Larraman

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