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Last minute temptations await with Gooding & Company

Simon de Burton has delved into the listings of the current ‘Geared Online’ auction presented by Gooding & Company and offers up his five favourite lots in the hope you will out bid him!

One of the dangerous things about the 'new normal' of online motoring auctions is that there's so much more time to convince yourself of how you really do need that weird piece of automobilia or unloved car that you would  probably have allowed to pass you by in a regular 'live' sale. So, for the next 24 hours until the end of Gooding and Co.'s latest 'Geared Online' auction closes, I'm going to explain to me, myself and I (not to mention the rest of the family) why the following lots ought to end -up in our garage in the not-too-distant future... 

Aston Martin Racing's veteran works driver Darren Turner recently got me hooked on his 'Base Performance' race simulators - but I'm wondering whether or not I might be able to scratch that itch more cheaply with this 1950s International Mutoscope 'Drive Yourself Road Test' which requires the player to keep the car on a panoramic scrolling road. For added realism, the seat moves in the direction of the steering wheel while a flashing green light indicates you haven't crashed. A red one means you have. Estimate $4,000 - 6,000.

I can't help wondering what sort of noises children are going to make in years to come when they are pretending to drive electric cars. The idea of emulating the banshee howl of a 1950s Lampredi four-pot will certainly be an alien concept - so this slightly cartoonish pedal version of the Ferrari Tipo 500 in which Alberto Ascari won seven world championship races on the trot should certainly be preserved for posterity. Estimate $2,000 - 4,000.


What joy to see an unrestored Porsche 356 in all its faded, Fjord Green glory. This June 1975 sunroof model is believed to be a late T-1 featuring various T-2 transitional parts and, until a few months ago, it had been in single family ownership for 47 years. Retaining the majority of its original bits, the car is being sold with a host of manuals and period features such as a luggage rack, Nardi steering wheel, Blaupunkt radio  - and that lovely Laguna Seca badge on the engine lid... Estimate $90,000 - 100,000.

Just because I've already got a TR6 doesn't mean I shouldn't have another - especially since this one is in my favourite colour of 'Damson Red'. It 'stands' nicely, has a tidy engine bay and must sound decidedly rorty with its six-into-two-into-four exhaust set-up. Being a U.S. car, it's running twin carburettors instead of fuel injection but, with those high-back seats and red tyre bands, it looks more cruiser than racer anyway. Estimate $30,000 - 40,000.

It might be large and it should be brash - but, unless I'm entirely lacking in taste, Virgil Exner's1957 Chrysler 300C looks beautifully elegant from every angle. It's begging to be driven coast-to-coast on a low-speed adventure enjoyed in the cosseting comfort of its six-seater interior - although the 392 CI, 375 bhp Hemi engine nestling behind the car's incongruously friendly face promises high-performance thrills on tap. Estimate $50,000 - 60,000.

The full list of tempting Gooding & Company 'Geared Online' lots awaits in the Classic Driver Market.