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Gianni Agnelli’s iconic Fiat 500 Carrozzeria Boano birthed the Spiaggina

Gianni Agnelli’s unique Fiat 500 Spiaggina Carrozzeria Boano is coming up for auction with Sant’Agostino. It’s the last survivor of the two that were made and is responsible for creating the beach car genre, making it a true automotive icon.

Rarely can you trace a whole class of vehicle back to a single car, but in the case of the fun-loving beach cars that we so adore, a single pair of vehicles can be credited for sparking the international spiaggina craze. This is the sole survivor of the two cars in question, a Fiat 500 Spiaggina Carrozzeria Boano, commissioned by Gianni Agnelli himself in 1958. This is the car that Agnelli personally used during his holidays on the French Riviera, while the other belonged to Aristotle Onassis, and was sadly destroyed in an accident. 

A car this significant to the history of the automobile would usually be sealed away in one of the world’s most prestigious museums, but now this uniquely beautiful Italian classic will be coming up for auction in Sant’Agostino’s Asta di Automobili sale on September 8th.

It consistently graced the pages of magazines worldwide during the 1960s, and was only used on special occasions by Agnelli, usually with some incredibly famous passengers, including Kissinger, the Kennedys, the Onassis, and of course members of the Agnelli family. 

Today the car remains in stunning condition, and carries a beautiful patina throughout the interior and exterior. In particular, the gorgeous wooden trim has truly aged marvellously, as have those iconic speedboat-inspired wicker seats. As the sole originator the spiaggina breed, this car holds a special place in history, and would make a fantastic centrepiece to any collection.