Ford Salt Flat Racer Pedal Car: Little pedal to the metal

Here is something to help you jump-start junior’s passion for classic automobiles – American custom car specialist Rad Rides by Troy has constructed a pedal-powered version of the legendary '32 Ford Roadster which is to be auctioned off later this month.

The 1932 Ford continues to have a huge impact on the automotive world – not least when it comes to muscle cars. The latest outfit to pay tribute to the famous Ford is the hot rod company Rad Rides by Troy. Inspired by their successes at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, the craftsmen at Rad Rides decided to turn back the clock and visit an era when pedal cars were considered the ultimate luxury and create an all-new, miniature racer. The spicy little hot rod masterpiece draws inspiration from the legendary 1932 model and it’s based on the distinctive lines of a salt flat race car currently under construction in their garage. All the work on the pedal car was done exclusively in-house and by hand.

Meanwhile, this pedal car is far more than just a collector's item. The production has called for a great deal of technical know-how and creativity: specially engineered one-off components were designed to get the car closer to the ground, which, combined with the roll cage and characteristic Moon disc-styled wheels, lend the car unmistakable Bonneville flair.


Ford Salt Flat Racer Pedal Car: Little pedal to the metal Ford Salt Flat Racer Pedal Car: Little pedal to the metal

This nostalgic piece is certain to fascinate fervent hot rod enthusiasts when it goes under the hammer at RM Auctions' 17-18 August sale in Monterey, California. And it's not just children who'll want to get their hands on this pedal car: their parents and even their grandparents might well want it for themselves.

Photos: RM Auctions

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