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The Ferrari F512 M - ugly duckling or pick of the litter?

BINGO’s upcoming Collection Car No. 13 auction on July 31st will see three red sports cars go under the hammer, including a track-ready GT 86 and a factory-fresh Supra, but this ever-divisive F512 M really caught our eye…

It’s almost a universal rule that if a car has a prancing horse on the front and an engine in the middle, then everyone will love it, except perhaps for the Ferrari F512 M. As the third and final iteration of Ferrari’s iconic Testarossa, changing fashion and road regulations unfortunately meant that the F512 M didn’t inherit its older relatives’ good looks. The popup headlights were gone, and so were the sharp lines of the original, thanks to the 1990s’ obsession with smooth surfacing. However, what it lacked in terms of design clarity it more than made up for with driver engagement.

Like the Testarossa of the 80s, the F512 M featured a lovely mid-mounted 180-degree V12 (no, not a flat-12), but instead of the meagre 385 emaciated horses powering the original, the F512 M produces 434 potent Italian stallions. This may be a divisive opinion, but to our eye it also wears the best wheels of the three - just look at those gorgeous 18 inch split rims. Another thing the ‘Modificata’ also has over the two is scarcity, with just 501 units ever built, making it much rarer than the 7,177 Testarossas and 2,261 512 TRs made. The final ace up the F512 M’s sleeve is its mass, weighing in around 45 kgs less than the Testarossa. Put it all together, and these improvements make the F512 M the ultimate iteration of the Testarossa from a driving perspective.

So, if you’ve suddenly found yourself taking a shine to this under-loved iteration of the Testarossa, then be sure to check out BINGO’s Collection Car No. 13 sale on July 31st.