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Everything at Dorotheum’s latest auction is pure gold

Dorotheum’s upcoming auction in Austria this July 3rd has so many dreammobiles that we don’t even know where to start. Between the Ferrari Dino, Lancia Stratos, and Alfa Romeo GTA, all we know is that we’re hungry for Italian!

If anyone of the aforementioned Italian icons was going under the hammer, it would be our highlight of the entire auction; the fact that all three are up for grabs gives some idea of the quality of Dorotheum’s July 3rd Auction. One of Mercedes’ all-time greatest barges, the 450 SEL 6.9, is up for grabs if you’re feeling particularly dictatorial, and for the execs in a hurry this 1989 E34 BMW M5 looks like it eats Autobahns for breakfast. Otherwise, if lithe and light is your thing, why not go for a pristine 1971 911 E? Or if you’d prefer something more niche, this stunning Alfa Romeo 1600 Junior Zagato is unlikely to run into any doppelgängers. Either way, we certainly had a difficult time choosing just 10 cars from this star-studded catalogue, so take a look below! 


Here are our top 10 cars from Dorotheum’s upcoming auction: