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Eclectic automobiles up for auction with Bonhams MPH this March

Bonhams MPH continue to surprise and delight with a selection of vehicles that plays with your imagination and has you hovering over the bid button.

With over 100 cars to choose from and the majority priced between £1500 - £50,000, Bonhams MPH have really made an impact on the auction world for affordable, fun motoring. There is something addictively romantic about a traditional style auction with an auctioneer and a hammer. Coupled with the fact that Bonhams has a name established for over 200 years, and that piece of mind is the reason I have myself, entered my own car in their upcoming auction on March 20th, at Bicester Heritage.

The danger is my Mercedes 220 SEb is auctioned a little over halfway through the sale, so that leaves me plenty of remaining auction lots to spend my newfound riches on. If you like wild, then how about the Porsche 911 /Bentley special, or perhaps a Ferrari 412 pick up, too crazy? Well then maybe the slightly mad looking Koenig BMW 635CSi. My desires? I like the look of the 1989 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC and the 1992 Maserati BiTurbo. With that in mind here is the full list of lots for sale with Bonhams MPH that certainly require further investigation.


Our ten favourites in the Bonhams MPH March sale