Aston Martin Vanquish - significant changes for 2004

Aston Martin’s flagship model - the V12 Vanquish - has received a number of significant changes for 2004, which have been developed in light of customer feedback.

Since its introduction in 2001, the V12 Vanquish has proved to be a success, pioneering the use of advanced technologies and materials such as aluminium and carbon fibre. Furthermore, its on screen appearance in the latest James Bond film ‘Die Another Day’ has ensured the V12 Vanquish has become instantly recognisable to many.

With the capacity to continue to turn heads, the design of the V12 Vanquish is already established as a modern classic. Perfectly proportioned from every aspect, Ian Callum’s design confirms the promise of outstanding “Supercar” performance and the impeccable pedigree of the V12 Vanquish as the flagship model for Aston Martin.

Instantly visible from the exterior are new 7 spoke 19” alloy wheels which are equipped with Yokohama 255/40 ZR 19 front and 285/40 ZR 19 rear tyres, designed exclusively for the V12 Vanquish, carrying the AML initials. The original 12-spoke alloy wheel is retained as a no cost option.

All the exterior body panels are constructed from aluminium with each individual panel hand tailored to the central structure to ensure a perfect panel fit. Every carefully detailed feature provides graphic evidence of the painstaking craftsmanship and quality, which is invested in its construction.

The luxurious leather interior in the V12 Vanquish has also been subtly reworked to give customers the option of new front sport seats offering extended shoulder contours, which relieve strain on the driver during fast cornering. Full leather specification means outer panels are trimmed in plain leather, while the inner panels can be specified in either plain/perforated leather or plain alcantara. Where the 2+2 rear seat option is specified the seat centre panels are trimmed to match the front seats.

In order to provide additional storage flexibility it is now possible to specify a cup holder as a no cost option in place of the console storage box. The holder is trimmed with a leather surround and fitted with a removable rubber inner sleeve.

The deep centre console casting, door release surrounds, instrument pack surround and other interior fittings are now finished in a new liquid metal finish called Platinum. A new clear lens replaces the previous red starter button, emitting a red light in start mode, changing to a subtle light blue colour in normal operation.

In 2003, 14% of customers specified the facia centre console body colour option. In a continued effort to bespoke each car to the customers requirements and provide additional choice, customers may now specify additional interior components in body colour to co-ordinate with the facia console casting.

The overall interior design is a subtle blend of traditional, classic and modern materials with Bridge of Weir leather upholstery matched to contemporary metal interior fittings and finishes.

In an effort to provide superior and sharper vehicle control, special attention has been paid to braking. New anti-lock ventilated and grooved Brembo discs - 355mm (front) and 330mm (rear) - provide excellent self-cleaning capability whilst uprated competition-derived Pagid brake pads improve resistance to judder and fade, providing a firmer and more consistent pedal feel.

Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) is used to re-balance front and rear braking forces under different loads. Wheel sensors are used to monitor front and rear tyre movements, evenly distributing pressure to the required wheel and helping to optimise the braking performance prior to the ABS being engaged.

In addition to 2004 model year changes, Aston Martin will be offering a Sports Dynamic pack available to customers from May 2004. Offering a number of dynamic enhancements, and engineering modifications, it offers the discerning driver a new dimension to the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish driving experience.

“A number of our customers wanted an alternative approach to the current Vanquish. A slightly sportier, more focused approach to the current car but incorporating all of the elements that have made the V12 Vanquish the ultimate in Aston Martin motoring.” Said Dr Ulrich Bez, CEO for Aston Martin. “The Sports Dynamics pack will appeal to a very high proportion of customers and has been priced to encourage maximum take-up.”

Words/Photos; Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd - Copyright