Artcurial at the Le Mans Classic, 9 July 2010 – Review

1972 Lamborghini P400 Miura SV - Sold for 680,730 euros

Held in suffocating heat, Artcurial’s first Le Mans Classic sale grossed 6.6m euros. Four cars broke the half-million-euro mark, including the 1972 Lamborghini P400 Miura SV that sold for 680,730 euros.

Other members of this select club were the 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 (837,474 euros), the 1930 Bentley Speed Six 6.5L Tourer (736,710 euros) and the 1962 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster + hard top for 502,302 euros. The ‘Art Car’ McLaren F1’s non-sale surprised few in the knowledgeable sections of the saleroom, although it was bid to a sizeable sum.

The Artcurial marquee was handily located next to the event’s pre-grille area on the Bugatti Circuit. As BMW CSLs, Porsche 935s and Ferrari SWBs lined up to take the start, a packed saleroom witnessed auctioneer Hervé Poulain sell 73% of the beautifully produced catalogue – 55% of which were destined for export.

1969 Aston Martin DBS - Sold for 146,246 euros

One typical ‘Le Mans Classic car’, the 1978 Porsche 935, failed to find a buyer. Another did, however: the 1962 Panhard Type CD Coupé selling for a useful 165,116 euros. That’s 194.71 euros per cc, by the way, if you are interested in that sort of thing. I make no further comment; still, you’d have time to enjoy your purchase while lapping at the 2012 Classic...

The Astons did well: the LHD DB4 went post-sale for 176,910 euros, and the silver/black hide, LHD 1969 Aston Martin DBS achieved a walloping 146,246 euros on the day. The LHD 1966 DB6 went for 176,910 euros – another handy amount and indicative of the appreciation these blue-blooded British cars have on the Continent.

1930 Bentley Speed Six 6.5L Tourer - Sold for 736,710 euros

Other entries of interest to the Classic Driver reader that found new owners were the 1973 Maserati Indy 4.7L (22,409 euros), the 1976 Alpine A110 1300 VC (29,485 euros) and the 1964 Maserati 5000 GT Coupé by Allemano for 255,282 euros.

No self-respecting French sale would be complete without at least one Facel Vega. Artcurial’s 2010 Le Mans Classic sale had two, both of which sold, the 1962 HKII going for 176,910 euros, the 1962 Excellence Series II for 116,761 euros.

In summary, a superb inaugural effort by a professional company. The McLaren would have been the icing on the cake. Chapeau!, as they say in France.

You can see the full results HERE.

Text: Steve Wakefield
Photos: Artcurial

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