X-ray goggles not needed to view these works of art

If you could have Superman’s X-ray vision for a day, what would you spend your time looking at? From his new collection of X-Ray Art, we think artist Nick Veasey would choose cars — and we might just have to agree…

Simply skeletal

Melding art with science, Kent-based artist Nick Veasey uses his radiographic imaging equipment to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. Starting out with images of flora, fauna, shoes, and teddy bears, the project has now grown to capture the inner workings of Boeing 777s and numerous classic cars. And while we wouldn’t necessarily call a Ferrari F40 or Mercedes-Benz 300SL ‘Gullwing’ ordinary, this new view of these motoring machines makes us appreciate them even more — if that’s even possible.

Photos: Rupert Roth

For more information on Nick Veasey’s X-Ray Art, visit Rupert Roth’s website. If you’d like the real deal to accompany the x-ray art, thousands of classic and modern cars can be found listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.