Unleash your inner speed demon with these hellish motorcycle artworks

These fun, albeit somewhat sinister, motorcycle-themed artworks were created by the Newcastle-based illustrator Ryan Quickfall, who works under the alias Ryan Roadkill. And they’re certainly one way of making your next interviewee or dinner party guest feel at ease…

Highway to Hell

Demonised Pop Art that screams the devil-may-care spirit of motorcycle culture – Ryan Roadkill’s vibrant artworks almost make hell seem appealing. From large-scale paintings and thematic series of prints to pin badges and tee-shirts, each piece embodies Quickfall’s bold and rebellious style, which explores how fragile countercultures are in today’s Big Brother society. And numerous big motorcycle names have taken note – Quickfall’s clients include Harley-Davidson, The Bike Shed, Deus and Barbour. So, whether you’ve been looking for a reason to redecorate your nondescript office or you’d like a demon daredevil or two to keep an eye on your two-wheeled pride and joy in the garage, Ryan Roadkill’s got you covered. Check out his range of artworks on his website and keep up with what he’s up to by following him on Instagram

Photos: Ryan Roadkill