Pullman Editions and the renaissance of Art Deco posters

Operating from a cozy gallery in central London, Pullman Editions produces modern, affordable interpretations of Art Deco-era posters – vintage equivalents of which can fetch eyewatering prices due to their rarity. We visited founder Georgina Khachadourian at the company’s premises in Chelsea…

Founded in 2010, Pullman Editions designs and publishes timeless Art Deco-style posters, whose subjects often extend beyond the vibrant pre-War epoch in which eye-catching posters were originally used as advertisements for holiday destinations. The core Pullman Editions posters are organised into themed collections, including those focusing on specific automotive marques (Ferrari, Bentley and Alfa Romeo, for example) along with more traditional holiday resort and winter sports designs.

“Because there is a finite supply of surviving originals in a growing collector market, it’s pushed the prices up to the point where a rare original winter sports poster can sell for up to £30,000,” Ms Khachadourian tells us. “Many people can’t get their head around spending that much on a poster, and that’s what gave us the idea for this business.”

Striking a balance

“We commission the artworks from our house artist – at the moment we’re working exclusively with Charles Avalon – and we’ll ask him to produce a design using traditional methods for a limited-edition set of prints, which we sell for £395 each. Each edition is limited to 280 prints, as we find this to be a good number to balance collectability and affordability. We are also doing an increasing number of bespoke commissions – for example, an individual might want one featuring their own car, or a hotel might request a resort poster for it to display in each of its rooms.” Furthermore, Pullman has produced the official poster of the Concours of Elegance since the event’s inception, the most recent of which we were shown in its original form before it went off to its new home in the Mullin Museum

A new twist

“We’ve brought the posters up-to-date not only in terms of the colour palate – which makes them complementary to modern interiors – but also what they’re depicting. Some resorts such as St. Moritz and Gstaad were just as popular in the 1920s as they are today but some, such as Verbier or Courchevel, didn’t exist back then. Similarly with the automotive-themed posters, many of the subjects came three or four decades after the Art Deco period, yet still look so natural portrayed in the style. Funnily enough, the poster featuring the Ferrari California Spider on the Côte d’Azur is our most popular to date. Another favourite is the 1963 Concorsa d’Eleganza Villa d’Este poster – a year that the event didn’t take place, so we had the freedom to fill the gap.” 

Photos: Amy Shore for Classic Driver

For further information, visit the Pullman Editions website.