Immortalise your icon with these Petrolified prints

We first covered Petrolified’s refreshingly simple automotive prints last year, but founder Martin Miskolci has been hard at work since – honing his illustration style, improving the quality and, most interestingly, creating countless new designs…

“I’ve found my style of illustration changing,” says young Slovakian Martin Miskolci, whose hobby turned into a business when demand for his first print went through the roof. “My very first illustrations were rather simple, with little attention to detail. As time has passed and more cars went through my hands, I’ve studied the behaviour of light and shade more closely. I’ve looked at how reflections shape the surface of chrome and how even the little adjustments in colour make a huge difference. I’ve spent countless hours on even the small details, like getting the tyre shading just right.”

The Midas touch

As well as adding a number of new iconic subjects to the Petrolified portfolio – from a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso to a humble Saab 900 Turbo – Martin has also brought the printing process in-house, allowing for a greater degree of quality control and, if required, customisation in terms of colours, decals, and other individual details. Available for a bargain 25 dollars, with a relatively small fee for any bespoke changes, the Giclée-print artworks are delivered in a double-strength tube, with delightful aluminium end-caps. What more could you ask for in the countdown to Christmas?

Photos: Petrolified

You can browse the full selection of prints on offer at the Petrolified website.