Carter Asmann turns coffee stains into café doodles

Southern California-based industrial designer and fine artist Carter Asmann has produced a curious series of works called 'Coffee Ring Drawings', which focuses largely on motorcycles – and came about completely by chance…

An artist looking for a (coffee) break

“The project began by accident while I was sketching one day, and has evolved into an on-going study and exploration of mixed materials,” Asmann tells us. What started as a rogue stain on his sketching pad quickly became the focal point of his characterful drawings, which mainly centre on classic two-wheelers such as a BMW R90 and Dues Ex Machina’s surfboard-carrying Honda C70, but have also been joined by a Porsche 930 Turbo and a 1970s Canon camera. “I find the juxtaposition of the intricate machines and the organic coffee stains visually compelling,” says Asmann. So do we, Carter.

Photos: Carter Asmann

Carter Asmann's coffee drawings can be purchased as prints through his online store.

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