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Cars and Films: The car's the poster star

What would James Bond have been without his Aston Martin DB5? Or Mr Bean without his Mini? Now, Spanish graphic designer Jesús Prudencio has reinterpreted classic movie posters with the cars as the real stars…

Actors are overrated, right? Jesús Prudencio, a graphic designer and illustrator from Seville, certainly thinks so. ‘Back to the Future’ would have been nothing if it weren’t for the DeLorean and its flux capacitor. The best moment of ‘Ghostbusters’ was, surely, when ‘Ecto–1’, the converted Cadillac ambulance, was finally scrambled against the ghoulish monsters.

Señor Prudencio simply loves films and cars. Abiding by the motto ‘reduce to the max’, he has designed new posters for several hit movies, which portray the cars as the films' real heroes. Critics might be shocked by his ‘Pulp Fiction’ poster, which presents not John Travolta, but his character Vincent Vega's cherry red Chevrolet Malibu Convertible. Jack Nicholson’s iconic wicked grin for ‘The Shining’ has been replaced by a solitary and quite eerie alpine truck on caterpillar tracks. A classic Vespa adorns the ‘Roman Holiday’ poster, but without Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck astride it: the couple who so famously rode it through Rome in the film.

007 fans can’t protest at Prudencio’s ‘Goldfinger’ interpretation, though. No beautiful gilded Bond girls, but the sleek, sinewy form of the legendary DB5. It’s great to see the cars and other forms of mobility being recognised as actors in their own right. Perhaps, one day, we might see an Oscar category for best vehicle. 

Photos: Jesús Prudencio

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