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Can an automobile be a work of art?

A car can be art — a loosely adapted motto by Kurt Schwitters, which is the underlying inspiration for an interesting upcoming exhibition, opening on 24 May at Galerie Plathner 27 in Hannover…

The title of the exhibition, Art and Technology - A New Unit, is in reference to a speech given by the great German designer and architect, Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius. The Bauhaus philosophy believed that both the process of creating a piece of art and the end result can be regarded as a work of art. As such, exhibition curator Manfred Zimmermann has combined numerous photographs, design drawings, sketches, and graphics that depict the automobile as an object of art, in combinations that both correlate and contrast.

Photos via Plathner Galerie 27

The exhibition Art and Technology - A New Unit will be shown from 24 May until 28 July in the Plathner Galerie 27 in Hannover