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24 illustrators have designed 24 charming posters for Le Mans

In what has become something of a tradition ahead of the greatest endurance race, 24 illustrators have put their ideas for a racing poster promoting the 24 Hours of Le Mans on paper. The results are as creative as they are charming, and can be seen at various locations in Le Mans this weekend…

Once upon a time, the racing poster was the supreme discipline of advertising in the automotive world. Talented designers such as Porsche’s Erich Strenger coined the visual identities of their brands and created works of art that, decades later, are still in our collective memory. But since the advent of photography and the Internet, the art of poster design has been all but forgotten. 

Since 2016, however, the organisers of the 24 Hours of Le Mans have revived the tradition and asked illustrators to design advertising posters for the great endurance race. The entire 2018 collection is currently on display at the train station and various bus stops throughout Le Mans, as well as the racetrack. C’est très cool!

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