Art @ Plush 2

The summer show of photography at Millers Barn, situated in the folds of the British West Country landscape, will feature a range of stunning images and limited edition prints focussed on plants and travel, surfing, the Dorset landscape, and award-winning motoring art from Alexander Davidis.

Set in an enclave of high beech and lime trees at the head of the Plush valley, the house has seen a complete remodelling to achieve a series of interlinked spaces where daylight is ever present, and the modern interior is a background for contemporary art and the home of John and Dot Browning.

This summer show of photography and print will feature a range of stunning images and limited edition prints focussed on surfing, the Dorset landscape, motoring art, plants and travel and will take the visitor on a visual journey to the shores of Costa Rica, coastland to inland Dorset, pit lane garages, perfect gardens and travel portraits from Australia, Africa, South America and the Galapagos.

The artists are 6 passionate and talented professional photographers each specialising in different subject matter and all earning their living through the lens:

Jamie Bott - surf photography - recently returned to Exeter from Costa Rica
Graham Bundy - records Dorset’s inland and coastal landscape
Alexander Davidis - a New York based commercial film director with a passion for motor cars
Emma Peios- plant portraits and details from her studio in Shoreditch or on location
Andrew Stewart - travel photography - shortly off on location to China
Sarah Hough - artist printmaker living in the Piddle Valley producing a range of unique notecards

The Venue: Millers Barn, Plush, Dorset DT2 7RJ
Open: August 27 - 31, 12 - 6 pm. September 2 - 4, 12 - 5 pm

For details contact: Dot Browning on +44(0)1300 348280 or email [email protected]

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