Alfred Dunhill Leather Luggage for Bentley

Suppleness and strength: qualities which could be attributed to the driving experience at the wheel of a Bentley or, equally, to high-quality leather luggage from Alfred Dunhill. How appropriate, then, that Alfred Dunhill is making a range of suitcases, weekend bag, briefcase and wash bag exclusively for Bentley, each item ‘a delight to carry and a treasured possession that ages well’.

The luggage has been created in collaboration with Bentley’s design and styling team in Crewe, and is handcrafted in brown, natural-grain leather, with matching interior trim. The clasps and fastenings feature a unique lock mechanism with knurled edges and an inset ‘B’. There is also a Bentley-branded chromed zip-pull and ‘Alfred Dunhill for Bentley’ embossed leather labels inside the bags.

The calf leather comes from ‘Bovillos’ – young, Spanish bulls from the northeast corner of Spain – used both for saddle-making and, more recently, for handbags. Significant hand-stitching and finishing is a characteristic of all the pieces.

Alfred Dunhill Leather Luggage for Bentley Alfred Dunhill Leather Luggage for Bentley

A partnership between Dunhill and Bentley is a particularly satisfying match, given the backgrounds of each company. Both were founded by British pioneers with long motoring heritages (spanning two centuries), while Alfred Dunhill himself owned and enthusiastically drove a 1924 Bentley 3 litre. Dunhill will, incidentally, be exclusively offering Bentley cars at its new Homes of Alfred Dunhill in Tokyo, Shanghai and London: the company has commissioned a series of Bentley Continental Flying Spurs for customers’ chauffeured use.

Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: Bentley Motors

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