Abarth Dinghy

If the marine equivalent of a Ferrari 458 Italia is a luxury speedboat, then the Fiat 500 Abarth surely equates to a little rubber boat. Welcome, then, to the SACS – Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari. Yes, it’s a dinghy, made by Italian boatbuilder SACS.

The planned production run will be limited to just 199 units, in red, yellow, blue and grey (or should we say Rosso Corsa, Giallo Modena, Blu Abu Dhabi and Grigio Titanio). Prices for the dinghy, which is meant primarily to serve as a shuttle between land and your large speedboat or yacht, moored further out, have not yet been announced.

Some years ago there was a partnership between Fiat Group and SACS, resulting in a 1120HP Lancia speedboat and an Abarth model with a V8 outboard motor; but the power of the latest dinghy – like the price – is still under wraps.

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Abarth

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