Abarth 695 Competizione: Revealed in Frankfurt

Tuned-up little Abarths, don’t you just love them? Another debut at this year’s Frankfurt motor show was a non-‘Ferrari’ version of the hottest 500 so far.

With its still-1.4-litre turbocharged engine now producing 180bhp, the two-seat-only (the rears have been removed - a roll-cage now fills the space) rocket has a 140mph capability.

All this power is transferred to the Tarmac via an ‘Abarth Competizione’ semi-automatic transmission with ‘Street’ and ‘Track’ settings, whereby the former is automatic and the latter a super-quick, paddle-operated manual.

Various ‘695 Competizione’ logos inside the car remind you of its potency, and subtle, unique-to-the-car Grigio Competizione Opaco paintwork completes the package.

Brakes (305mm Brembos), 17in alloy wheels and revised suspension come straight from the 695 Tributo Ferrari.

And for those that want to mask the sounds of “Yippee!” and “Wow!” coming from the cockpit, there’s an optional ‘Record Monza’ variable back-pressure dual-mode exhaust, designed to improve engine performance and sound over 3000rpm.

Text: Steve Wakefield
Photos: Abarth

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