8th of December: Franz Marfurt

Franz Marfurt, designer: "I really do care that the jewellery I create with my own hands always remains something exclusive and rare".

"What sets my jewellery apart from others are the symbols, holy symbols. To me they are prayers. I believe in the power that such symbols can produce. If you don’t have these dimensions in yourself, you will never recognize them. Therefore this is the reason why my jewellery creations remain rare. I like this secrecy, this magic. When something is mass-produced the magic is lost, just like a fairytale which has been narrated too many times."

Magical is also the present that Franz Marfurt recommends: a white gold necklace with a carefully designed cross ending in a sword (Schwertkreuz). This mystical black finish on the cross and necklace is a result of the Rhodium-plating process. At the same time a really personal and unforgettable present .

About Franz Marfurt

It all began in the era of the hippies, the Seventies, when the Empress of Persia, Farah Diba, bought the complete jewellery collection that Franz Mafurt exhibited at that time in his little shop. This set a trend in St. Moritz. Since then Franz Marfurt has remained loyal to his ideal of creating beautiful jewellery which features great symbolism. Today Franz Marfurt has a shop in Münsterhof in Zurich, where his artistically worked jewellery is exhibited in a suitable surroundings.

The price of the necklace is 11.000 EURO. More information about this Christmas present can be found at: www.marfurt.com. Or email: [email protected].

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Franz Marfurt Lucerne

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