5th of December 2005: Simon Kidston

Simon Kidston, President Bonhams Europe; "The perfect Christmas present? Probably something ashamedly indulgent which I would never dream of buying myself, like the Krug Trunk.

"The ideal accessory for the gentlemen of leisure with a shooting break to convey it from Ascot to the polo and a staff of minions to hump it around (an imaginary gentleman, of course, as nowadays his minions would refuse due to Health and Safety).

The ultimate in picnic one-upmanship at the Pebble Beach Concours (nobody's will be bigger), it apparently comes with every essential from mother of pearl caviar spoons to a cashmere rug and a removable door which cleverly turns into a low table with matching stools.

"And most importantly of all, there's even room to squeeze in two magnums of Krug.

"It certainly beats a wickerwork basket and cucumber sandwiches."

5th of December 2005: Simon Kidston 5th of December 2005: Simon Kidston

Simon, 38,the nephew of Bentley Boy Glen Kidston, is President of Bonhams Europe, and over the past decade has been responsible for staging highly successful events such as the annual Ferrari auction at Gstaad, Switzerland.

His father, Commander Home Kidston, was just as much of an enthusiast as his Le Mans-winning older brother, owning and occasionally racing a succession of magnificent cars including a Bugatti 57C, Type 37 and Type 51, 8C Le Mans Alfa Romeo, ex-Works 3 Litre Bentley and Gullwing Mercedes.

One of his father’s last motoring acquisitions, a 1973 Porsche Carrera RS, is now in Simon’s possession and he describes it as "the last thing I would ever sell". One day he would like to own a ‘Cricklewood’ Bentley 4 1/2 Litre, "...a car my wife approves of, too", but in the meantime he enjoys historic events at the wheel of his Lamborghini Miura SV.

Simon lives in Geneva with wife Rosie and their two children; Cassius, aged 6, and Constance, 3. His other passions include skiing, travelling, good food and - as he admits with a wry smile - "I’m a bit of a James Bond film buff, actually." He hopes one day to pursue an interest in flying vintage aircraft, albeit more safely - and sedately - than his celebrated uncle’s aviation exploits.

The Krug trunk costs EURO 39,000. For further information please visit www.krug.com.

For additional information on Bonhams Europe, please visit www.bonhams.com, or email [email protected].

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: SK - Hidenobu Tanaka/NEKO PUBLISHING CO.,LTD.-ROSSO
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