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599 GTO: Fastest-ever Ferrari for the Road

The new Ferrari 599 GTO is an ‘extreme’ V12 berlinetta: a limited-edition special which promises to be the company’s fastest-ever road car.

Based on the 599XX experimental track car, the road-going 599 GTO – of which just 599 will be made – has itself set a Fiorano lap-time of 1min 24sec. With 670HP in a 1495kg car, the 0-62mph time comes in at just 3.35sec, and the top speed is claimed to be more than 208mph.

Ferrari is confident that the new car’s handling will be exceptional, promising “the almost complete absence of understeer and a truly communicative chassis”.

The 599 GTO is fitted with the latest, carbon-ceramic brakes, new aerodynamic innovations such as the wheel doughnuts which increase aerodynamic efficiency as well as improve brake cooling, and ‘Supersport’ tyres developed by Michelin, with wider rubber at the front for better roadholding. Meanwhile, the Virtual Race Engineer (VRE) driver interface offers ‘instantaneous’ information on performance.

599 GTO: Fastest-ever Ferrari for the Road 599 GTO: Fastest-ever Ferrari for the Road

Pictures, videos and interviews on the new car can be found at, but the world will have to wait for the Beijing International Motor Show at the end of April to see the new 599 GTO in the metal.

Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: Ferrari

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