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23rd of December: Chris Hrabalek

Chris Hrabalek, Designer: "The Stratos is the logical solution to the problem of: Wanting to enjoy a supercar in countries where road and environmental conditions would otherwise not permit ownership. It is the world's first and only all-road supercar."

The perfect Christmas present would be to place an order for the limited-production Fenomenon Stratos that is currently being developed by Prodrive. A deposit of £50.000 will mean you’ll be one of the first owners of this unique car.

The original Stratos was arguably the world's first crossover vehicle in combining supercar aesthetics with the ground-clearance and allroad ruggedness needed in rally sport. As a result of these vital product ingredients, which were created by the brands 'Bertone, Lancia and Ferrari' the Stratos dominated the world rally scene for over a decade.

The new Stratos continues the philosophy of the old. With the rise of demand in newly developing markets from Romania and Russia to China and India, the requirement for an allroad supercar is obvious. However at present, not a single automotive manufacturer caters for the need of a two-seater, mid engine, allroad supercar.

About Chris Hrabalek

Chris Hrabalek has worked for Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Lancia, BMW and Skoda, before starting his own design consultancy, Fenomenon, in 2002 in London. Having completed degrees in International Business at the European Business School in London and Marketing at Kingston University, Chris Hrabalek worked in the strategy department at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg.

Working in the same team as the wife of one of the key designers at Volkswagen, it was a lunch organised by his former colleague with the designers Marc Lichte, Peter Wouda and her husband Andreas Mindt that started his interest in vehicle design.

After numerous design internships, Chris was accepted into the renowned Royal College of Art (RCA) Vehicle Design course. A degree that was previously undertaken by a number of famous car designers such as: Peter Stevens, Simon Cox, and Murrat Guneak. It was during his final year at the RCA, that Chris presented the Fenomenon Stratos at the prestigious Geneva Car Show in 2005. The car received a positive reception from both journalists as well as enthusiasts and sets the basis for a number of Fenomenon showcars to come.

The new Stratos is this car and it will be produced at a rate of 50 cars a year over three years, with the total production-run not exceeding 150 units. The Stratos will retail at a price of £150,000.

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Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Fenomenon

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