20th of December: Dieter Meier

Dieter Meier, Music Producer, Film & Video director, Entrepreneur: "My Christmas gift suggestion is a Ulysse Nardin GMT± Big Date watch. As a frequent traveller, I enjoy to be in a different timezone at the push of a button."

In 1993 Ulysse Nardin invented the GMT±, with its “plus” and “minus” buttons, which instantly adjust the hour hand to another local time; and the “Hometime” window which displays the time at home when you are travelling abroad.

No other worldtimer is easier to read or more practical to handle.

Two years after presenting the “Dual Time”, Ulysse Nardin invented the Big Date double window display for an easier reading of the date. This permits synchronized date changes when the hour hand is adjusted to a new local time across the dateline, made possible by the use of two discs which enlarge the date display. It was first embodied in the Perpetual Ludwig in 1996, and now it is a feature of the GMT± Dual Time.

20th of December: Dieter Meier 20th of December: Dieter Meier

About Dieter Meier

Dieter Meier was born in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1945. He is the founder of the most successful modern-music group ever to come out of Switzerland – YELLO. Formed in 1979, in collaboration with Boris Blank, YELLO has produced 15 acclaimed albums and their soundtracks have accompanied not only American Football on TV but blockbuster movies including “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and Michael J Fox’s “Secret of my Success”.

The two artists are considered the pioneers of electronic dance music and enjoy worldwide commercial success. YELLO’s groundbreaking electronic music is sampled by commercial TV sales campaigns worldwide, making them one of the most prolific producers of music for the visual industries. Known for the dazzling visual style in his many music videos, Dieter Meier has collected a variety of honours for his directing and writing.

In addition to his activities in music and film, Dieter Meier is a partner in Euphonix, Palo Alto, a leading company for digital mixing consoles for film and television postproduction, and a producer and brander of organic commodities in Argentina (“Ojo de Agua”).

For further information please visit www.ulysse-nardin.com. or send an Email to: [email protected].

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