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2012 Calendars for Christmas

Last week we previewed a selection of books for Christmas; but for those who might prefer a car-related calendar to hang on the wall, we have picked seven rather special ones...

Ferrari Myth Calendar 2012 by Günther Raupp

The 28th edition of this Ferrari-approved calendar includes such modern wonders as the new FF as well as some of the Prancing Horse’s greatest classics, all beautifully photographed. Each calendar is individually numbered, as part of a limited series.


Aston Martin Calendar 2012 by René Staud

For lovers of the British sports car brand, Aston Martin has commissioned automotive photographer René Staud to present the most beautiful models.


Avus Calender 2012 by Classiche Sportive

Dedicated to the legendary racetrack in Berlin, the calendar celebrates such racing cars as the Porsche 904 GTS, Ferrari GTO, and Mercedes Silver Arrows.


Audi Tradition Calender 2012 by Audi

We are invited to “Discover Worlds with Audi Tradition” in the latest one-year journey around the world, with 13 classic automobiles, each in a different country, used to illustrate 100 years of the company’s history.


Bosch Automotive Tradition Calendar 2012 by Rainer Schlegelmilch

Focusing on motorsport, this calendar from Bosch promises 25 exciting snapshots of the most spectacular races in the history of the sport.


Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Calendar 2012 by René Staud

Since 1989, the René Staud Studios have produced calendars to celebrate the fabulous car and, for 2012, here are 13 outstanding images of the legendary Gullwing and Roadster.


Ferrari Rosso Corsa Calendar 2012 by Günther Raupp

This version of the official Ferrari calendar – ‘Rosso Corsa’ – is specifically for Ferrari F1 fans.