2009MY Aston Martin V8 Vantage: Extensively Revised with 4700cc Engine

Aston Martin has today announced the eagerly awaited specification of its updated V8 Vantage. The latest model, on sale from quarter three in 2008, will carry an enlarged 420bhp motor as well as a host of other changes.

The capacity of the free-revving V8 has gone up from 4300cc to 4700cc by increasing both the bore and the stroke. Power is now 420bhp (an 11% increase) and it delivers peak torque of 470Nm – a further 15%. While most discerning drivers have said all along that the small Aston delivers a perfect balance of power and handling, those wishing to impress their neighbours have craved something more: Aston Martin has now delivered. The company is quoting a 0-60mph time of 4.7 seconds and a top speed of 180mph (288km/h).

Fuel economy - never the car’s strongpoint - is now improved, too, by 13% for cars equipped with the Sportshift semi-automatic 'box.

The enhancements will be applied to both Coupé and Roadster.

Inside the car, the DBS’s ‘Emotional Control Unit’ (ECU) makes an entrance, while the central dash no doubt benefits from improvements made in both the DBS and DB9. A Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Navigation System will offer faster route processing, additional features and improved graphics over the current, Volvo-based, system.

Aston Martin has also made subtle modifications to the engine mapping and transmission to produce a smoother, easier gearchange in both manual and Sportshift versions. The suspension of all cars benefits from the stiffer set-up first introduced on the Roadster, while the more dedicated driver can now opt for the optional Sports Pack.

This is a first for this car and features forged lightweight alloy wheels, re-tuned Bilstein dampers with improved dynamic response, uprated springs and a revised rear anti-roll bar (Coupe only). This will make it a sort of, er, V8 Vantage Vantage, I suppose.

Prices for the revised V8 Vantage will be confirmed at a later date, with deliveries planned to start in quarter three 2008.

Text - Steve Wakefield
Photos - Aston Martin

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