The 2006 Pirelli Calendar

The 2006 Pirelli Calendar The Pirelli Calendar has been, for lovers of photography, a cult object for more than 40 years. "The Cal" 2006 was shot in a striking sixties-like setting on the French Riviera and stars six extraordinarily beautiful and sensual women. It was shot by the British-Turkish duo, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, world renowned photographers that specialize in women's portraits, and was launched last week in Paris.

The expression "libres et puissantes" sums up the Calendar. Aware of their fame and beauty, the six models feel free to undress and appear sensual and intriguing. The body is portrayed as a free instrument of power: sensuality becomes a dolphin on a leash or a cat securely held in the nude arms of a naughty girl.

The 2006 Pirelli Calendar The 2006 Pirelli Calendar

The Alas-Piggot duo has an innovative, versatile style. Mert's tenacity blends perfectly with Marcus' inventiveness, and the result is an elegant and very personal approach to photography: provocative and opulent, the mainly black and white photos (except for subtle splashes of color on the cover and in the months of March and November) evoke Newton-like moods and portray an inebriating, wicked woman. "Everything revolves around the models, and there is great freedom. We create images that follow no rules," underlined Mert. "The photo shoot was an experience where everything flowed and was very natural," added Marcus.

The 2006 Pirelli Calendar The 2006 Pirelli Calendar

The extraordinary settings offered by Cap d'Antibes and the French Riviera are extremely elegant. The sea, the cliffs plunging into the water, luxurious yachts and fabulous villas with sumptuous gardens are the backdrops for this edition. Water is a dominant element that accentuates the shine of the skin and creates extraordinary light effects on wet bodies, which makes the photos particularly sensuous and enticing. Strong, sexy black and white amplifies and completes the effects of the sea. The modern and original photos have a sixties and seventies mood nonetheless, blending tradition and innovation, which the two photographers use to impress their very personal mark of distinction upon the calendar and simultaneously pay homage to its historical significance and the legend that has accompanied it over the years.

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Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Mert Alas / Marcus Piggot

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