2005 model Bentley Arnage

Crewe, February 2004... Bentley Motors today announced details of wide-ranging changes to its outstanding range of Arnage luxury saloons. The continued investment in the Arnage range is aimed at reinforcing its credentials, both as the only true driver's car in this High Luxury Sector, and as a range that has increased comfort, deeper luxury, classic design language, and the greatest scope for personalisation.

Every Arnage is built to order and over half are further modified by our coachbuilding arm, Bentley Mulliner. The Arnage is the culmination of over 80 years continual experience of building Grand Touring Limousines: no other production car in the world can be built more closely to the customer's precise specification. It is perhaps no surprise then to hear the comment of one regular customer that determining the specification of an Arnage is like having your own, private car company. Another told us he considered his Arnages to have been born, not made. Considering the care that goes into each one, it's an understandable point of view.

2005 model Bentley Arnage Highlights

· New exterior design, featuring round headlamps with Xenon dip and Halogen full beam, a revised bonnet line and the choice of either a matrix or vaned radiator grille

· New wheels available for all models

· 2005 model year Arnage complies with the most stringent emission regulations enforced in Europe (EU4) and even achieves Low Emmission Vehicle (LEV) rating in the USA

· Interior design dramatically updated with new dashboard top, switchgear, better ergonomics with secondary controls hidden behind panels, fresh instruments and new DVD satellite navigation unit, and with non-critical controls hidden behind veneered panels

· Increased specification and customer choice through unrivalled paint options from 40 standard colours plus dual tones, and 27 interior hide options

· Revised rear suspension layout and overall settings to both enhance ride quality and provide more consistent handling response

· Price and specification has now been increased across the range: Arnage R: £160,000 (€216, 270) and Arnage T £170,000 (€229,787), providing an improved specification and range of choice

The Bentley Arnage represents the pinnacle of Bentley engineering and the embodiment of personal choice for the customer. Whether the owner chooses the classic refinement of the Arnage R, the ultimate performance of the Arnage T or the individually commissioned RL limousine, he or she can be sure they are buying more than just a high quality car. Arnage is a car of real character, whose thoroughbred is derived from the unique combination of engineering integrity, and 58 years of Crewe skills.

2005 model Bentley Arnage Moreover every Arnage is a driver's car. We know there are times when even an Arnage RL owner is going to slip behind the wheel, and it is critical that the front seat experience is as involving and rewarding as that on the rear seat is luxurious and cossetting. And with our 6.75-litre, twin-turbo all aluminium V8 under the bonnet, combined with superlative handling from the improved double wishbone suspension all round, it is an experience that more than lives up to expectations.

The modifications introduced on the 2005 model year Arnage reinforce these Bentley values. The new car offers more choice and still greater opportunity for personalisation within a car that is more distinctive inside and out, more comfortable, better to drive and yet more luxurious. It is the most exclusive car from one of the most revered and exclusive marques.

Even compared with more expensive limousines, the Arnage offers a level of customer choice that is genuinely unapproached. Our customers enjoy the experience of commissioning a Bentley, and we believe that we alone among car companies are capable of satisfying demands for individuality. This distinction has secured the position of the marque for 80 years and is the basis on which we will face the challenge of new competition in the future. The 2005 model year Arnage is a clear symbol of our ambition to remain the leader in the luxury saloon sector, by reinforcing our position as the creators of the most characterful, and involving Grand Touring saloons in the world.

Text/Photos: Bentley