The 2004 Jaguar XK Series

From the legendary XK120 that introduced the XK name to the roads – and thousands of owners to the delights of a Jaguar – through to the current range of coupes and convertibles, Jaguar’s XK sports cars have consistently set the benchmark when it comes to blending luxury, performance and grand touring ability.

Now a portfolio of subtle but significant upgrades has been applied to the 2004 Jaguar XK. Building upon the major updates already applied to every model over the past three years, where new technology and equipment have been brought online to ensure that the XK remains at the forefront of its class, the revisions for 2004 give the XK range even greater appeal.

The 2004 Jaguar XK Series The 2004 Jaguar XK Series

The XK’s iconic looks have been given a more contemporary feel with the addition of a revised nose and rear section, complemented by new side sills, wheels and trim. The XKR also gets a new mesh grille, supplemented by a lower ‘mouth profile’ in the front bumper.

All Jaguar XK buyers (excluding North America and Japan) will now have the option of increasing the specification of their car by choosing new Premium and Technology packs. These optional packs will greatly increase specification over a standard car by combining desirable extras such as reverse park control, sports seats, larger wheels and revised interior trim into an optional package at a significantly reduced price. A new Automatic Speed Limiter is added to the wide range of electronic systems already standard across the XK range to further enhance the driver’s ease.

From its launch in 1996, the XK8 rapidly became the fastest-selling sports car in Jaguar’s history. It soon forged a place as one of the world’s most desirable cars, thanks to stunning looks and thrilling performance. And like a fine wine it has simply become better and better.

A programme of enhanced electronics and other equipment options that focused on safety, comfort and ease at the wheel was implemented in 2001. All XK models were fitted with the Jaguar A.R.T.S. Adaptive Restraint Technology System (which senses the severity of a crash, the position of the driver and front-seat passenger and the usage of seatbelts to determine the most appropriate airbag deployment energy levels during a frontal crash) and Adaptive Cruise Control was an added optional extra.

In 2003 a major update to XK powertrains saw the introduction of larger, more powerful 4.2-litre V8 engines (in 300bhp normally aspirated form and a 400bhp supercharged version), a class-leading six-speed automatic transmission and further key features including Emergency Brake Assist (which increases brake force in an emergency) and Dynamic Stability Control.

This new range is the ultimate expression of the current XK8, as Jaguar Chairman and CEO, Joe Greenwell, explains:

“The changes that were made in 2003 to the powertrains really ensured that the XK8 and XKR remained thoroughly competitive from a technology standpoint. Now contemporary refinements to the XK’s design have allowed us to retain the basic character of the car but make it feel more modern than ever.”

The 2004 XK goes on sale in March depending on markets.

Text/Photos: Jaguar