16th June Christie’s at the Ford Design Center, Michigan

Christie's kicks off Ford Motor Company's 100th Anniversary Year celebration with an unprecedented auction of selected show and concept creations from Ford's Design Center and from the Ghia carrozzeria.

Among the exceptional highlights are the elegant and extreme "Selene II" created by Ghia from a design by Virgil Exner, Jr. in 1960; the unabashedly organic Ghia Focus designed by Taru Lahti; and the 1992 speedster concept of a Mustang Mach III.

This historic auction at Christie's marks the first time that a major motor manufacturer is auctioning examples of its full-size show and design concepts, which are usually destroyed following their life on the show floor.

Both Christie's and Ford offer a never-to-be-repeated opportunity to bid on unique pieces of automotive art conceived and created from metal, glass, rubber, cloth, fiberglass and advanced composite materials by some of the finest designers and craftsmen in the field.

Please see the Provisional Auction Lotlist